Homesteader Blues and running water.

homesteader teens

According to one authority, Alaska has six times as many people living without running water as the rest of the nation. Given that 1.6 million Americans lived without running water in 2014, according to the Washington Post, that’s quite a few.
This blog post is about life in Alaska. Living without plumbing is something many people do every day, and not just in Alaska. But in the 49th State hauling water comes with it’s own special challenges.
For me the truth is I have probably lived a good fifty percent of my life without running water. Not only in Alaska did I not have indoor plumbing, but in Arizona and California as well. I can state from experience that it it one whole lot easier hauling water at forty degrees than anything minus thirty.
Once the freeze factor is added in, it can be a real bitch. Add snow to the equation and you have upped the difficulty by one half. I could give you quite a few anecdotes regarding the trials endured, but will save those for another time.
Several of my books deal with that topic. I will say that in certain rural areas where the water must be hauled into the house that chore usually becomes the duty of the oldest child, male or female. If there is a male in the household, you can bet he is going to be the one hauling in the water jugs. It’s the man’s job without question.
A short look at the lengths one has to go to in order to provide a modicum of comfort for a beloved wife is found in the novella, Homesteader Blues. If you are interested in this little taste of life on the last frontier, pick this one up. At $.99 it’s a slice of Life and Love in Alaska. Found on and Amazon


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