Baubles and Beads

Cover Final 3.24.15

I’ve been a bit quiet about this book because Della’s story is a bit different from that of her brothers, Dash, P.R. and J.F. Munk and Della accidentally get tangled up in a situation that is far more potentially dangerous than either of them understand. A couple of bad boys and one of Munk’s relatives get brought into the mess. Dory, Munk’s cousin, helps him find the answer to a question that has haunted Munk for years.

Sam, Willy and Dory are a force to be reckoned with. Mystery man Sam Garrison knows a few things and people he wishes he didn’t. Another author, Sean P.G. writes about the dark and dirty side of Alaska. Having lived in the Copper Basin as well, he is well acquainted with life in the boonies and as a musician, has more than a basic knowledge of the seamier side of life in the frozen north.

Come and take a little trip into the murky stream of life in the north. We would love to have you visit.

Sean P.G.’s book Dream Noir and Other Tales is only found on Smashwords. Be warned! Not for the squeamish.

And you can preorder Baubles and Beads on Amazon now.


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