Drilling holes with a .357. The only way to go.

new siding

Okay, so who is willing to admit to watching Alaskan Bush People? Anybody? I for one watched the thing last night with the purpose in the back of my mind, critique. There were several times I had a few choice comments about the way some things were done.
Then we got to the part about number 2 son shooting a rifle inside the house to give a straight line to install the new stove pipe. Certainly! And I’m not just talking their long stove pipe run. That method has several applications.
Let’s look at the cons of using an electric drill out on a remote site.  First and foremost, you need electricity. Second, If you need to run a propane line or copper line for fuel oil, 6 inches of insulation can pose a real problem. If you have a drill bit long enough and have electricity. As soon as you get through the sheathing, you will discover how much fiberglass insulation loves to curl itself right around that drill bit. That is a pain, a real big one.
However, enter a nice .357 bullet. It is just the right size for running copper line. It won’t wrap the insulation around it causing a big headache, it’s clean, quick and best of all, you can angle the shot downward so the line enters at an upward angle. The moisture generated by condensation will tend to drip off the line back outside and not get into the wall.
They got that one right. My husband “drilled” several holes into the wall for copper line several times. Oh and angling down with the shot puts it into the ground instead of into something or someplace it shouldn’t be. Well done boys.


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