Coffee? Ha!


I do wonder if my favorite coffee is going to be available on a permanent basis. I want real coffee. But realistically, some brands do disappear from the store shelves here in Alaska. Being aware of that unhappy situation I decided to try one of the brands I know are staples up here. Big mistake. I just poured an entire pot of what wore the label without being anything worth drinking.
You really need to know I do not just merrily toss stuff out. I’m a long time Alaskan. I know that often lettuce, unless local, is going to go bad fairly quickly. I’ll discard the worst of the yellow and ignore the lighter looking stuff. I cut the bad spots out of tomatoes, they never last long.
My throwing a whole pot of anything without trying to salvage some of it is a rare occurrence. I could not stomach what was hiding in that can. Dark roast my butt! Mouthwash would be a kind term, gag me is more like it. Maybe I should put it out side and see if the hornets are stupid enough to partake.
I’m listening for the merry hum of my tea kettle as I do have a can of the good stuff, coffee and chicory, and a new pot is in the making. Real coffee coming up.


One response to “Coffee? Ha!

  1. ICherime– ‘m with you. I save veggie ends and bones to make stock, and if there are leftovers, they get used up in some way. Can’t bear to waste food. I also REQUIRE decent coffee. I’d rather do without than drink the crappy stuff. –Jayne Hyatt

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