Moldy oldies.

the notebook

This old notebook looked a lot better in 1976 when I was busy writing Behind the Raven Mask. In the loft in the old cabin in Kenny Lake, I sat and wrote on that manuscript every chance I got. When the ex and I split the blanket, it and a box of stories went along with Allan and me.

In the box was the short story, Encounter, which was accepted for publication by a new magazine called The Alaska Women’s Magazine. I have a nice note from the editor telling me how sorry she was that the publisher was folding up just before that issue went to press. Well, hell!

Pulling the box out of the closet and looking at the things in there was truly a trip down memory lane. Wow! I was touching on the paranormal back in 1978. As the Crazy Lady Authors are gearing up for Valentine’s Day in 2016, I dusted it off and took another look. What I saw had promise.

Encounter is now a novella. I haven’t begun editing yet, but will get to that a little later. In the meantime a couple of others came to light which also look interesting.

Amazing! You never know what you might find in an old beer box tucked up into the closet. Old things might need to be reviewed, and a good dusting might be all they need.


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