Roses and wild fires

Tundra Roses

Last night when I finally gave it up and went to bed, the thermometer was reading 80 in the shade. We have a forest fire up here that has already caused quite a bit of damage and many people have been asked to evacuate. If people wonder why I never complain about rain, that is one real good reason. I’ve been under the evacuation order once and spent 3 long days away from home. No dang fun. I’m praying for those who have lost so much and praying others will be pleasantly surprised when this is over.

Now for the tundra roses. The house is surrounded by them this year. They can rip you to shreds but are so lovely I haven’t the heart to get out there and clip them down. I might prune a bunch back come fall, meanwhile I intend to smell the roses every chance I get. They should be real pungent today as it’s supposed to be 84 degrees. Some say they have no real scent. They do, but it’s mild. The heat will intensify that.

Now, if the wind will only die down so the fire fighters can get a handle on this, I’ll be happy. In the meantime I’m monitoring the news. You never know, someone might need help.


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