Duct tape, another use.

duct tape door

I think I’ve found another use for that staple of homesteaders everywhere. In case you didn’t know it, good ole boys are just a few generations removed from the roots of their ancestors, homesteaders.  We do what we have to and as cheaply as possible because money is always in short supply.
Now on to the reason for the new use. The Alaska mosquito is a voracious beast and can buzz us loud even the most sound sleeper awakes in terror when they hear it.
So here I was, faced with the thought of being attacked at night by the dang things because the rubber seal at the bottom of the screen door had died. Aha! The little light bulb over the head snapped on, duct tape. After 60 days of testing I can say with certainty, it works. Even the cheap stuff did the job here. I applied two layers and it does keep the little flying hypodermic needles out.
Spiders, not so much. Those I have a truce with. The many legged things don’t bother me, I won’t kill them. If they bite, all bets are off.


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