Marijuana in Alaska and why I’m writing a novel about it all.


I have a novel I’m presently working on called Grass and Blue Skies. The grass in the title refers to marijuana. Alaska has a strange, convoluted history with pot. This situation boiled away in my brain until I came to the plot for this one.
A Naval Aviator is quite suddenly out of the service with a grave injury. A young woman, seemingly a normal farmer in Palmer, Alaska secretly grows some really potent marijuana. The two meet because of her herbal medicine business. The young woman no longer sells to outside suppliers. Her pot is used strictly for medical issues. But for a short time when younger, she and her brother sold pot to get the money for a down payment on his fishing boat.
What really brought this to a head was this last vote to legalize marijuana in Alaska. I acted as a poll volunteer and I saw people voting for this measure that hadn’t seen the inside of a voting both in eons.
So the idea began to form in my head. Having lived here since the early 1970’s I remember all the mechanizations the government went to in order to punish those caught. The method finally settled on was ingenious. The Alaska State government has a history of ignoring the voter’s wishes. Since the capital is located in a spot guaranteed to keep the masses at bay, they go about their business mostly unhindered. Juneau can only be reached by air or water. A real plus for politicians who don’t want to bother listening to voters.
The story finally reached the point where it was time to make it a reality. I hope to have this one ready for fall. A female pot grower, an ex-military man who must put aside prejudice and one young man who wants the crop and will go to any lengths to get it. The tale may be a bit more than certain people can handle. But I am of the opinion that it isn’t Gods pharmacy that is out of whack, it’s the way mankind twists those things into uses that turn a good thing into a beast that destroys lives and communities.
On the flip side of that is the regular joe out there has often had to live with pain and misery while a select few got all the goodies. When something comes along that eases their lot, even for a very short time, they too often seize on the temporary solution.
If you are interested in the convoluted and twisted history of pot in Alaska, check out this article from the Washington Post,, and another from the Alaska Law Review. The first is interesting reading. The second is a little dry but can be skimmed for the pertinent parts. Have fun.


3 responses to “Marijuana in Alaska and why I’m writing a novel about it all.

  1. Like all of your novels, this one will fascinate readers because you’ll give the story “Cherime’s special slant.” I look forward to promoting your book after it’s published!

    As you know, I live in the “Mile-High City,” where pot is already legal…

  2. Cherime, that sounds like a good read. I’m looking forward to it. Like Linda Lee Williams, I’m also a Coloradoan, and glad of it. The federal pot laws are nonsense.

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