To Scotland and back.


Note the absence of shoulders on this road. What you see on the left is the end of the pullout to let others go by.

Driving a motor home in Scotland is a mixed bag. On the one hand there are plenty of great parks to camp in. Parks in Scotland usually have showers, toilets, places to wash dishes and laundry facilities. On the other hand, having a big truck coming at you partially in your lane is a real adrenaline starter.
The first day I drove and got us out of Glasgow and up the A82 to Ardlui, I was driving on four hours sleep in twenty-four hours. The A82 up the west side of Loch Lomond is a highway I have written about in several of my MacGrough series books. I drove it in 1986. It has been upgraded in certain places. But there is little they can do when the loch is on one side and the mountain on the other.
A driver in the other lane approaches your vehicle usually partially in your lane or on top of the white line in the middle. As they reach your position, they slip back into their lane to get past you. Very scary if the vehicle coming at you is a big truck. It’s even more frightening when you are driving something as wide as the other vehicle. A couple of times, it was slow down and pass each other with two or three inches between each vehicle.
Then you have the notices that warn “on coming traffic may be in the middle of the road”. Say what??? Bridges built for use by narrow carriages require different tactics. Slow down, or maybe speed up so you are on the bridge first. The first guy nose in gets to go. The other driver must allow the first one through. Fascinating! I decided since I was bigger than the cars, unless I had a traffic light telling me to stop and wait for the other guy, I was going first.
But in true Alaska style, when the traffic behind me built to more than six vehicles (they do not drive the speed limit there, speed cameras be damned), I pulled into a parking area and let them go on past.
But it was an adventure. Great fun. More to come later.


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