Editors, where have all the good ones gone?

the notebook

The picture is of the book I wrote in 1977.  I since self-published it. I searched for a good editor and kissed a bunch of frogs claiming to be princesses. Twice I came across two who were actually what they said they were. But for various reasons, they weren’t able to take on more work. One, bless her, taught me a lot.

Then we come to the ones who take your money and do nothing. I’m retired and live on a limited income. That individual knew this. Her thing was so much more important than mine. She didn’t even try to do anything, just ignored me and never returned the money either. I got an apology, big deal. She knows who she is.

Now we come to the ones who say they can do the job and do not. Those are the worst of all because you look to their expertise to put out the best product possible. All they want is your money, once they get it they do a quick read through if you’re lucky, throw the book to you and you’re on your own.

Those of you who sit in your little judgment seat and complaint about the condition of books by indie authors and haven’t been there, shut it. If I had all the money I paid out to wanna be editors, I’d go buy a ticket to Kodiak for a long weekend.

If you believe indie authors are the only ones suffering from this lack of editors true professionals, think again. I’ve seen big name offerings from publishing houses with content errors you could drive a semi through. Ignore the piddly little ones, missing words and misspelled ones.

The bottom line is: there is a lot of thieves and liars out there and unfortunately they prey on all authors, not just indies. If all your criticism of an author’s work hangs on the editing, don’t bother with the comment, we pay the people and they don’t do the job.

Enter editing software. It’s not perfect, but it tell you where a comma should go and it doesn’t take the money and run. Frankly, my mouth can’t handle kissing another frog and I’m going to pass. Give me a good content beta reader, a good software program and one to read the manuscript back to me and I’m good. I’ll use the money I worked hard to earn for stuff like utilities and an occasional good beer. I’m done.


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