Winter in the north

And it is time to stick close to home. Charge up the e-reader and transport yourself to somewhere else.

When the temperature drops to minus 20 before Thanksgiving, it’s going to be an interesting winter. At least it warmed up to a big fat Zero to snow.

I’ve found several books to take my attention away from the mundane into other places. Let’s see here. New England Nights by Linda Lee Williams is a good one. Diane Rinella has good stuff out as does Holly Barbo. Then there are a host of boxed sets that have recently come out with tons of good reads for the amazing price of $.99. You can’t beat that price.

Check Paper Gold Publishing and the ladies of CLS have a whole bunch of good reads packaged and ready to go.

To sweeten the pot I’ve tossed several into the sale pot. For a sweet Christian read try Snagged. A bit more spice is found in Stalking Red, a contemporary Alaskan romance.

I’ve been told that Highland Light and The Twisted Laird are the thing to read while waiting for another installment of Outlander. To make it easier, I’ve put both on sale for a limited time. $1.99.

Curl up with a hot drink, break out the e-reader and have fun letting a story take you somewhere else for a while. Happy reading!


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