The shop

New earring display

It isn’t much to look at on the outside, but my old garage is a work horse.

But this old building has seen a whole bunch of work. Allan rebuild many an engine in this thing. Now I use it mostly for working with wood. It used to have an old oil fired furnace that died maybe 20 years ago or so. If I want heat, I use a small oil fired space heater. It takes the thing ages to heat the place at about 20 degrees. At any temperature lower it takes forever, and I can guarantee it won’t be warm on the floor.
Today I was using it to make some new display furniture for my jewelry. The the thing I was using has seen better days and needed to be retired. And I would decide this when it’s cold.  I bought this lovely molding, and it was time to get myself outside and get to work.
There is no way to do this kind of work with gloves. If I put my hands down in front of the heater, they are going to get a little black form the fuel oil. So I turn on the halogen work lights. The lights warm my hands a little slower, but it is cleaner.
It was still cold when I moved the chop saw into the 45 degree position. I didn’t get it quite tight enough, and it slipped a little. I caught the error before I got too far and had to redo the cuts. They didn’t appreciably change the amount of area I needed, and it did work better. I brought it inside to stain the thing. Done. My new necklace display is almost ready to be used. I’ll get a piece of black material to put behind the frame.
Last Saturday I did the new display for my earrings. My fingers got very cold when I was doing that frame. It was only about 15 degrees out, and the place didn’t get warm until I was nearly finished.
Poor chop saw and table saw. Working at those temperatures doesn’t make either one happy. That’s life in Alaska however. Cold fingers or no, get ‘er done. It’s not getting any warmer until March. I’ve got one more frame to get finished. I may or may not get that one done before the 12th, but I’m going to give it a real good try.

The Garage.

the garage




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