Temperatue down again and


The results of ice fog.

Here you see the results of an ice fog that blanketed the area most of yesterday and into the night. The temperature dropped down to zero yesterday morning and stayed there for most of the day. It’s clear and cold at the moment. I haven’t checked the forecast yet.
Fairbanks usually get more ice fog than we do here. I think they have more snow at the moment. I wish ours hadn’t melted away. It’s not good when the ground freezes without any snow cover. But Mother Nature calls the shots. We live with it.
If you are wondering, the reason it’s a little dark is because the sun isn’t quite up yet. But it is 10 am. We are on the countdown to the longest day of the year and once that is over with, we slowly start gaining time.
I have a few friends who are in rescue me mode and have taken time off to flit over to somewhere sunny. Hawaii is usually the destination of choice. I’m content to stick around and keep the home place from disintegrating.
Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, grand Kwanza or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time. And may you be richly blessed.


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