Getting my attention

There I was humming right along.

Anyway, I was happily sewing away. But someone else wasn’t quite so happy. In a vain bid for attention yesterday, the tension on the top thread got far too loose. So I messed with the tension mechanism a little and things were working well. Right.

Then the old White that has served me well for years decided to have a chat.

White: “Hey, don’t you realize the last time I went in for a cleaning was around eight years ago?”

Me: “I’m in the middle of trying to get these Christmas presents done and don’t have much time. Let me just fiddle with the tension a little and let’s get this done.”

White: “Ah, I have made at least 3 dozen baby blankets. Each one requires me to zig zag each block of fleece, then the back get sewn on and that means I have to sew each blanket all the way around twice; once straight stitch and once zig zag. Then you put the ribbon on the the top and sew it down on either side. That’s a total of eight lines of stitches on the whole top. Then there’s the blanket binding. Don’t you see how much work each one takes? And I won’t even mention the dozens of pillow case sets.”

Me: “Yeah, but I keep you oiled.”

White rattling rather heavily down a line of zig zag on the edge of a pillow case. “Sure you do. Do you happen to remember when the last time I got any oil on my bearings? ”

Me: “No, but…”

White: “But is not going to cut it this time. I’m done until I get a good cleaning. And just to make sure you do it….” The tension on the top thread goes totally out of whack.

Me: “Okay. Let me take off the plate and clean all the fluff out from under and then we can finish this before it gets dark up here.”

White: “Nope. Try again. You know the tension setting is wrong and you have been using me that way for ages.” Thread on the bottom side of the material is hopelessly loopy and the stitches won’t properly mesh.

Me: “Alright. Dang you are being stubborn. Come on now. These are for Christmas.”

White with nose in the air. “You could always use that Brother next to me. The one you only use for winding bobbins. Try it. It’s newer, work it for a change.”

Me: “You know the dang thing doesn’t sew worth dog poop. You know I’m can’t use it that’s why it’s only good for filling bobbins. Be reasonable. I’ll take the entire tension mechanism off here. It looks like the thing slipped a little at some point.”

White: “It did. And all you did was tighten it back in position without checking the post or anything else. Now, clean it up, get it positioned properly this time and tighten it down. Good. And when you get done with all this Christmas extravaganza that you waited too long to start, if you don’t come back up here and oil me, I’m going to throw a first class fit.”

Me: “Please. I promise I’ll get out the sewing machine oil and give you a real going over as soon as we finish. I can’t do it now ’cause I don’t want to stain the material.”

White: “Okay. This time I’m going to let you get away with this BS. See how nice the stitches are? And I’m on the proper tension setting too. But if there isn’t any oil forthcoming when you get finished, just remember I’m and old lady and will not be treated like this. You can fiddle and fart around with the Brother if you pull any more foolishness. Or the sewing machine guy might be the place I hang out. Comprende?”

I got the message loud and clear. I can’t work the machinery hard without some old fashioned lubricant and a good cleaning. And once every eight years does not function.





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