Then this ham bone came along.

whats for dinner

What’s for lunch and dinner.

The scent wafting into the living room from the kitchen is causing my stomach to complain that nothing is in it yet. My Darling Daughter brought over the huge ham bone from Christmas on Saturday. There were two pieces. It was supposedly for the dog. Jumping Jack got the larger piece but I had a small bag of red beans. I couldn’t resist. The thing about taking the girl out of the south. Red beans and rice, can’t wait. I may have to take some over to the kids, I doubt I’ll be able to eat it all by my lonesome. I do intend to have a nice big bowl. I soaked those beans all night and they are cooking nice and slow this morning I think about two more hours and the beans will form that wonderful gravy they get when cooked over a tiny flame. Looking forward to it.

Jumping Jack will get what’s left of this bone and any gristle hanging around. It was a real toss up, red beans or split peas. Red’s won. I’ve got vinegar to put on them when they get done, yum.


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