Unalakleet Take 2

P1020064These are part of what I wanted to see in Unalakleet, crab pots. I would guess the first question someone might ask me is, couldn’t I have found a good picture of crab pots on-line? The answer is I did. Now we come to one of my pet peeves with authors. If you don’t know the place, don’t write about it.
Hypocritical on my part because I don’t live there and haven’t spent months there? I don’t think so because first; I am an Alaskan. I’ve lived in this country for a little over half my life. And the concerns of the people living on the western coast of Alaska aren’t something new.
Second, I knew where to get the information I needed. I had prepared before I went there. And I listened and learned. Others have told tales of the western coast and all that information got stored away for future use.
That said, I put all that information away in a little box in my head and set out to learn. I walked all over the place for the time I was there. I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. And I’m certain at times when other things like the Iditarod race are going full bore, the place is anything but laid back.
I suspect fishing season is much the same. And although not accessible by road as the Copper Basin is, Unalakleet had the same general feel; a town where everyone knows everyone else.
At home, I pulled up the manuscript for Chaos and Crab Pots and began the revisions. I liked that little village. If I feel the need to escape Unalakleet is a good choice.
One of these days, If I ever become well off enough, I’d love to have a cabin out on Allan’s old acre on the Richardson Highway. The Copper Basin is my first love; Unalakleet is a good substitute.
Unalakleet part 3 will be along in a while.

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