Alaskan Spring

couple on beach

Last week the temperature went up to about 60 degrees. A clear sky and warm weather called me outside with the camera. I had a lot to get done and didn’t want to go far, so Point MacKenzie and the Little Susitina boat launch were close.

The young couple walking on the beach with their dogs were dressed in as little as possible. The object is to catch rays while you can. This particular spot used to be an old boat launch. I remember the days when it was in use. Allan and I scouted it out wondering if it was possible to launch the Loch Sloy from there.

chugach spring

At that time, the answer was not without a jacked up 4×4. The state did some work on the runway and at the same time eliminated the launch. I understand why they did; it was a holy terror. With an incredibly steep grade in and two hairpin turns to negotiate, many a truck, and trailer went off the side or got stuck and had to be towed out.

Now it is a party spot/trail head. The fire pits on the other side of the boulders are well used. At times, the empty beer can supply is good if you want to target practice. But I wouldn’t recommend it unless you were shooting directly into the dirt. I think the pilots might get nervous.


At the end of Knik-Goose Bay Road is a small airfield. If you’ve read Grass and Blue Skies, you know about this small field. It’s a favorite for shooting touch-n-goes for Valley and Anchorage pilots.

I’ve experienced this a lot when my ex-husband was working on getting time in when he got a private pilot’s license years ago. Sometimes it can get scary and bumpy. Make sure never to have your tongue between your teeth when landing.

But it really is springtime in Alaska, and it’s early. Thank you, God! Blue skies and green all over, there’s nothing like Alaska.

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