Bare Wires

cover final 12.5.15

Two artists on two different paths. Hamish is trying to make the big time. There is a chance, but only if he can keep the band functional for an album and tour.

Lori’s break comes, but because of it, she learns the terrible truth about her lover. The loss isolates the young woman. When her best friend dies, she wants nothing further to do with relationships with anyone.

Quotes 2

Five Stars: “Lori’s devastated state after her heartbreak and the loss of the best friend to AIDS was very saddening. I wanted her so badly to open up her heart again to someone, who will appreciate and cherish it for the rest of his life, but could Hamish, a giant of a man who Lori at first found intimidating, be that one? I’m not going to give away anything, but the end of the story left me with a huge smile. Great read! “

Five Stars: “For many reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed Bare Wires. One is that I’ve always loved how Ms. MacFarlane paints a scene. Her vivid descriptions had me not only trying on a dress, I felt its texture and had no uncertainty when it came to envisioning the precise color. She also has a knack for bringing characters to life through her colorful use of slang and dialect. In Bare Wires, she certainly does not disappoint.
Then there are the characters. After having already been burned, I could feel Lori’s apprehensions regarding Hamish, whose personality reminds me of a man’s swagger. Seriously, Ms. MacFarlane took a guy who is nowhere near my type and had him charm me with a meal that was both adorable and seductive. It is writing like this that makes me admire an author.”

Four Stars: “Cherime McFarland’s Wired for Sound is a lively read that kicks off her Wired for Sound series. Rich characters and a bawdy, Scotch dialect make this pure entertainment and quick page turning prose. Two unlikely characters find a way to make love work.”

Excerpt blog

“The receding wave caused the stones of the shingle beach to rattle, much like the rattlesnakes of her California home. Retreating back into the gray sea, each wave seemed to beckon to her. She was sitting on a beach in Brighton, England on a fall night wondering if she had guts enough to do something other than sit and suffer.

Cold, in nothing but a pair of thin jeans and a cotton T-shirt, she was going to need to do something. Or perhaps not. The tide was coming in, very soon she would be feeling the kiss of the English Channel on her toes.

People had been known to get chilled to the point of falling sick and never recovering. What was she going to do? Doing nothing wasn’t quite what the two words meant in the usual context.

For her, right now those two words were synonymous with death. God knew she needed relief. With her chin on her arms, Lori watched a wave roll in across the rocks. It broke within a few inches of her bare feet.

If she drew her legs up a little tighter to her chest, she could extend the time slightly. “Why?” she asked softly. How much more time did she need to make a decision?

A shiver went through her when a shift in the atmosphere caused an off-shore breeze to rise. It seemed to envelop her. Its chill was a precursor to what she would feel if she took the walk.

Walking into the rising tide would eliminate everything. Not just pain, everything would vanish. Was she truly ready to give up? Two more words that she needed to think about give and up.

There were a great many things she should probably give up. Was her life one of those things? Was she willing to walk into the water and end everything? Was a miserable bastard, a useless excuse for a man a good reason to walk away from life?

That was the real question. If she did, there would be a short paragraph in one of the papers, probably on the back page. He wouldn’t give a damn. When she thwarted his plans, the bastard would find another dolly to play with.”

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