Wired For Sound

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NUMBER 3 Listopia’s Best Indie Romantic Suspense,
1988 and the band Bushmaster is on its 4th album and 2nd US tour. A bagpipe lament at sound check invades MacGrough’s head. He doesn’t know his second sight is trying to warn him. Hamish and Vincent started the band, Bushmaster, in college. Vince’s nastiness causes someone to exact the ultimate revenge, death.
Lori has already been burned by one man. Can she trust her Scottish keyboard playing husband to respect her career? Will their marriage survive Hamish’s suspicions and this last gig?
Hamish knows he coerced Lori into marrying him and isn’t sure how long she will stick around. His focus has been on keeping his wife happy and getting out of the band. When Vince is murdered, MacGrough must find answers. Lori’s secrets terrify him. Was Vince the man who broke her heart? Hamish must find the killer. But when he finds the murderer will he be forced to protect that person? In a race to find the answer before the police, MacGrough has to use every resource he can, including the wife he fears may be a prime suspect.

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Five Stars: A true Scottish Gem

I loved this book. I lived in Scotland for several years and this book made me feel at home again. H.M. is the true Scottish man down to the actual dialect and his Scottish personality. I love the realistic marriage between him and Lori. The band and the murder made this a book that I just couldn’t put down until the last page. I was baffled by who did it and was surprised to say the least. I am so excited there are more books featuring these two and can’t wait to get started.

Five Stars: Realistic mature story of friendship and loyalty

Great characters in a fantastic setting and an interesting plot. Vince, the lead singer of Bushmaster is electrocuted on stage, and foul play is suspected. The band is under suspicion and held cooped up in their hotel. Hamish has had enough of band life and is desperate to get back to Scotland with his new wife. He decides the quickest way to his release is to discover who killed Vince. Although Vince was a long term friend, he was out of control and a lot of people had reasonable grounds to want him dead, including his wife. A brilliant, well written tale of friendship and loyalty.

Four Stars: Enjoyable and different

Very interesting book with interesting characters. A rock and roll band, a smart leader and not the usual sex, drugs and rock and roll. Hamish MacGrough is Scottish and tired of traveling. His wife is American but calls Scotland home now. When the band is held in the US pending a murder investigation, Hamish decides to investigate himself to speed things along. Go on this adventure with Hamish and the gang. Enjoyable.

Excerpt blog

Lori’s fingers found the knots beneath his shoulder blades. H.M. rolled his shoulders as she massaged them out.

“Aye.” he sighed. “Ye know tha old line about tha way tae ah man’s heart?”

“Sure thing, ‘mluv.” Her voice dropped in timbre as his wife drawled out a fair imitation of his slurred endearment. “Keep on rubbing, right?”

“I’ve another place ye can rub later. Listen, luv, want tae keep me company after tha show?”

Sliding her hand up to his shoulder, she gave him a gentle pat, snuggled her nose behind his ear, and growled softly. “I’d better be the only woman you fool around with after the show.”

Taking his right hand off the keys, Hamish reached up to cup her cheek. “Woman, ye’ve nae sense of humor.” His hand went back to the keyboard and H.M. ran through another melody line, fingers flying over the keys.

Lori MacGrough tweaked an errant dark curl into place behind his ear. “Just get through tonight, and we’ll climb on the jet for Heathrow tomorrow. You need a good dose of Glasgow and home to mellow you out. Let him play the big man and give everyone a bad time during sound check. You’re almost free of him.”

H.M. spun the stool round and rose to give his wife a bear hug, which almost broke a rib or two. “Ye’re a wonder, Mrs. Mac.”

“It’s a wonder I haven’t any broken bones. Turn me loose, Heavy Metal. I’ll be waiting in the dressing room when you’re finished.” She strode off in a deliberate manner.

Laughing softly, Hamish watched her as she left the stage. Lori probably thought she was being quite serious. What she was, was sexy as hell. Hips swaying slightly, she strode past the curtains. H. M. gave a moment’s consideration to following her back to the dressing room and pulling those lovely hips against him. Later, it would have to be later.

Sitting down on the piano stool again he spun around to face the keyboard. Vince wondered what he saw in such a ‘cold fish’. Lori was not aloof with anyone, but Vincent the Viper. She had detested Vince on sight, a circumstance which endeared her to H.M.’s heart.

Scales, scales scales. Deliberately, he ran through several scales to limber up his fingers and warm his hands.

Were he to be strictly truthful, it was Lori’s body which first caught his attention. H.M. never tired of the sight of her, or her company. It had been such a plus to discover she was as insatiable in bed as he was.

He enticed her into bed during their cruise in the Mediterranean. Getting her to agree to marry him proved to be vastly more difficult.

The melody that flowed from his head to his fingers, and onto the keys was titled ‘Lori’. It was simple, straightforward, but there was a suggestion of something in the phrasing.

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