Heart of the Hunter


Hiding in the Copper River Valley, Jay is fighting his PTSD with the help of his dog, Licker. Cutting fire wood keeps the lights on and essentials in the pantry. Jay has a moose in the freezer he almost couldn’t shoot. Fresh caught salmon are next to the meat. He is as ready as he will ever be. Then the new teacher moves to Kenny Lake. The dark haired woman with a temper forces him to rethink his winter plans. Leda is immediately taken with the veteran. She understands the soft-spoken man’s problem. But her reputation will be in shreds if she gives in to her desires. How long can the couple hold out?


NUMBER 2 Listopia’s Army Men and Women of Romance

Heart of the Hunter is heart wrenching, heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one book.”

I chose this book to read not because of the book blurb but because of the author’s biography. Cherime MacFarlane knows and loves the country she writes about and Copper Basin, Alaska, was as important to the story as were Jay and Leda.”

This story truly captures the emotional struggle and turmoil that some suffer with when dealing with PTSD, Jay and Leda both have their own struggles. Him – PTSD, and her – having dealt with her cousin who also suffered from it, leaving her to struggle with giving in to her obvious feelings for Jay.


Leda and Virgie took their lunch high into the bleachers. When Virgie was sure, she couldn’t be overheard she grabbed Leda’s arm. With a grin, she leaned in close.

“Well? Is it as good as all those older girls hinted?”

Leda laughed at her. “Dang, Virgie! You want to know if your brother is good in bed?”

“I’ve been curious since I first heard those older girls comparing notes, way back when. I mean, after all…”

“Virgie, you do know one woman’s hot stuff is another woman’s blah. What I can tell you is, I would never have married him, if there wasn’t a little heat there.”

Amazed at herself, Leda felt a faint flush in her cheeks. Virgie’s question was something she really should have expected, knowing her. But it did take her by surprise.

Thinking about the first night twisted her up inside. Sandwich forgotten, Leda stared off across the gym. A chuckle from her lunch partner brought Leda back to the present.

“So it’s that good is it? Well, who’d a thunk it! I guess old Jay has a few moves.”

Virgie reached over to pat Leda’s hand. “I can tell you, Lincoln Ed ain’t half bad either.”

Leda broke out laughing. “You are incorrigible, Mrs. Ed.”

“Wrong word Mrs. Leighton. Insatiable is the word you’re looking for.”

Leda felt her face get hot again. With a sly grin, Virgie leaned forward. “You’ve got the hots for my big brother. Happy to see it.”

The grin left Virgie’s face. Her blue eyes so like Jay’s filled. “Just love him, honey, that’s all I ask. Love on him like there’s no tomorrow. He’s a good man. Jay will stick to you like industrial strength duct tape. Once committed, he’s yours for life.”

Putting the half-eaten sandwich back in the bag, Leda nodded. “I know it, Virgie. The best part is, he loves me, faults and all. I don’t plan on letting go, ever.”

Leda forced a smile onto her face. She had no intention of getting teary at school. “It’s why I married him. I do love him, Virgie, you can rest assured on that score.”

Determined to lighten the mood of the conversation, Leda shook her head, took a quick look around and leaned forward conspiratorially. “Yes. He most certainly has some moves. All I will say is, we had to stop off the side of the road coming back from Anchorage. It is utterly amazing what you can do in the cab of a truck if you need an itch scratched.”

Leda nodded. Not having had a sister she had never confided some things to anyone else. Getting Virgie as a sister by marriage was a real bonus.

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