And we have;


Note: It seems reviews are once more under fire at a certain site. I will try to stay on top of this. These are books I enjoyed. If I had some difficulty with a book, I contacted the author and told them what I felt. I will never give less than a three star review because I feel the author has a right to hear my opinion and decide what they wish to do. These are all legitimate, verified purchase reviews. You may not agree with me on my book reviews. As we are all different, that is a high possibility. What are you reading?



The GingerBread House by James Richard

The early 1900s are brought to life in this suspenseful tale of a young man who returns home and finds the woman of his dreams. Dreams can become nightmares and for an orphaned girl, bad dreams are a constant. What people do to each other in the name of proper decorum is a trial to the man who has seen much of the world as a reporter. The enigma of the woman draws him into a situation beyond what he thought possible. Well written and enjoyable.

Knowing Jack by Julie Elizabeth Powell

I loved, loved this book. I kept me reading until I finished it. I didn’t suspect the twist at the end. It was engaging and suspense filled. I quite enjoyed it. Well written, with believable characters. This isn’t just a children’s book. It is a great read.

The Fix It Or Get Out Series by Christine Ardigo

I read the first two books, but haven’t had a chance to read the third one yet. I loved the first two and fully expect that the last one will be as good as the others or better. Mistakes happen, people grow apart. How many of us languish in relationships, just getting by? Far too many I would guess. Stories told with grace and compassion.

LaCasse Family Series by Ju Ephraime

I’ve read all of these books separately. Loved them all. Fantastic locales and even better characters. Hot and spicy they are just the ticket for a weekend reading jag. Not sure which is my favorite. I’d be hard pressed to pick one. I’m glad they are boxed together. This makes it easier to find one to reread when I feel like a bit of high octane heat. These stories set on the island of Martinique steam.



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