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Unhappily Ever After: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups by Lucinda E Clarke


Be careful where you read this! When laughter catches you unaware, you could wind up in a bad position. And laughter is going to take you unaware be sure of it. Ah, Charming. Whatever have you let yourself in for. And poor Augustus, sometimes too much of a good thing is more than we can stand. Cinder…poor woman. Everyone in almost every fairy tail you can thing of gets nailed in here. Grand romp.


Need a dose of suspense?

Blood is Heavier: Hunter Book 1 (The Hunter Series) by Ella Medler


First, I read this book the first time it was published, it was a no holds barred roller coaster then and nothing has changed. Loved it then and love it now. Warning don’t start without enough time to finish.


Next a Boxed Set that I did read all the way through.

DRAGON SECURITY: The Complete 6 Books Series by Glenna Sinclair

four stars on this one

Yes, there were surprises and a twisted plot that played out in the end. I have never played grammar Nazi before. I am about to now. There were a couple of real blatant misuses of some words that had me laughing. But by and large, it was an interesting read. I am glad I purchased the boxed set. Had I bought each individual book I would have been livid. Each and every one was a cliffhanger until it all got tied up in the last one. I hate cliff hangers and these were dangling from the root that was slipping slowly out of the earth over the cliff.


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