What Have you been doing?

I’ve been busy with Paper Gold Publishing. Not to mention trying to get a new series finished.

I did finish the Eilan Water Trilogy. I really love history and research. But I must say info on this time, pre-Scotland, doesn’t have a lot of stuff available. There were a few things and what I did find fascinated me.

We know the Romans ran rampant over the southern half of the island of Britain, the northern part, not so much. One interesting little nugget came when reading about the DNA of the Scots. At some time in the Iron Age, a Berber’s DNA entered the stream.

Thus was born the tale of Grainne and Aghilas. Berber by birth, a Roman citizen, he finds something he didn’t expect in the land above Antonius’ Wall. A Wanderer’s Dream began from that one little fact.

For a limited time get this one for only $.99. The time is right, grab it now. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XJZJRPJ

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