Now this is a good book.

As most of you know, I review for NetGalley. This one caught my eye and I picked it up. This is an excellent book. It caught me and I found myself unable to put it down. I’ve always been intrigued by the navigational skills of the men who went a viking.

I’ve read about the site in Nova Scotia which proves Lief Erickson really did make it to the Americas before anyone else. I’ve heard other tales of inroads as far as the Great lakes and wondered how true the tales might be. I digress.

But you see, this is where the book took me. Back to the older days, to times of explorers and visionaries, long boats and lands like the one I live in where it’s March and the temperature was -19F this morning. It picked me up and deposited me in that other place and… I loved it. Exactly what a good book is supposed to do.

Read this one. It’s good.

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