A few good reads.

This is one whopping tangle of a tale. Nor does it begin where you think it does. The greedy, ready to do anything to further his agenda vile twit didn’t start the ball rolling. No, the first generation set the stage for the horror to come. I must admit to having times when I wanted to tell DCI Croft to get rid of his tunnel vision. But for the most part he is a person with feelings which sometimes get in the way.

Be prepared to spend time reading this one. It sucks you in. It’s not comfortable in places, not in the least. It is a great story.

It all started with his other books. Since I like what I read I went to this one. I know the country a bit. Once owned property out that way. It is the definition of high lonesome. My sister lived in Crane for several years and I understand what shaped her ideas. Then there is the while Vietnam war era. I was a young woman in those days. So I gravitated toward this one first. I’m working my way through them.

The book is well written. I love the characters and have a terrible time putting them down when I should.

I wasn’t quite sure but took a chance. Nothing against steamy stuff, I write it myself. Still, how many times can you make it new and fresh? Not a prude in the least, if you know me well and my history you’d know I was a bit adventurous in that area. The problem is that you can only say it all so many times. Doing? Well…. that’s another matter all together. So I skipped through the sex scenes a lot in this series. Here is were we get to the but. This is a series that had me buying the next book without a qualm. I needed to know what next.

This one has more twists and turns then the old Grapevine in California. There’s one more to come and I have preorderd it. I did try one of her other books and found it to be okay but nothing grand. This series is something else entirely.

So there you have it for a bit. I’m often too busy reading or writing to post about the books. But these stood out. Later all.


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