How To Become An Alaskan

I was not a wild child. I was the reserved shy kid. I was the only kid in kindergarten the teacher to try to coax out from under the table. She finally had to call my Dad to come get me out. But that wild streak was in there very deeply hidden. You see I discovered early that I had a very nasty temper. I tried to be really good.

Along came a bit of a nut case named Bob when I was 16. Somehow we managed to actually get married. My Dad tried to talk me out of it but I didn’t listen. That was ok as I have a bunch of lovely kids as a result. Then we moved to Alaska, in fact to bush Alaska.

The wild streak blossomed. I packed a gun and knew how to use it courtesy of my Dad. There is a story circulating about a shoot out at Tonsina Lodge years ago credited to Bob. Nope. There was no shoot out. I simply shot out the tires of a young man who was insisting on following the family home. He was not going to disturb my kids.

I’ve changed the complete front end on a van, hauled water, cut wood, butchered out moose and bear. I used a fish wheel to bag winter fish and have driven out through Canada more times than I can recall. I once changed a tire when two big strong young men couldn’t get it loose.

I loved my second husband to distraction. I didn’t know how to tell that big Scotsman no.  When it comes to love, the great big burning heart stuff, I have had it. He was a man to ride the river with. I would have gone anywhere and done anything he asked.

In short I am an Alaskan woman and very proud to be one. I didn’t get here easily but the journey was interesting. The things I write about I have done.

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